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An Interview by Vanilla Luxury - Prestigious Thoroughbred Racing Lifestyle Company Launches in Singapore


Serial investor Dato’ Dr. Nicholas Ho has officially launched ULTIMA for horse racing and ownership.


Horse racing is known as the sport of kings and can be traced as far back as the 16th century in England. Royalties including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Ruler of Emirate of Dubai His High Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum share a lifelong passion of horse racing.

Famous billionaires such as French Businessmen Alain and Gerard Wertheimer who own controlling interests of the House of Chanel; Katsumi and Teruya Yoshida from the Shadai Group in Japan known for their racehorse breeding empire; and even Singapore’s very own Philip Ng and Robert Ng Owners of Far East Organisation are fans of horse racing.

Vanilla Luxury speaks to serial investor Dato’ Dr. Nicholas Ho to find out more about his latest prestigious thoroughbred racing company, ULTIMA, that offers an exceptional experience when it comes to horse racing and ownership.

Vanilla Luxury: What inspired you to launch ULTIMA in Singapore?

Dato’ Dr. Nicholas Ho: I’m inclined towards creating a luxury lifestyle in the Asia Pacific where young like-minded high-net-worth individuals can come together and mingle with other like-minded people while enjoying the horse racing experience globally. Singapore, being the world’s best regional business hub, will be ideal as a stepping stone into the market.

Vanilla Luxury: What is ULTIMA all about?

Dato’ Dr. Nicholas Ho: It is horse trading, racing and breeding with like-minded individuals. In addition, we work with luxury brands to create an exclusive Thoroughbred Racing Club.

I’m also excited to be able to partner up with Jayven See, one of Singapore’s leading horse owners and investors with a proven track record of understanding the horse racing market extremely well. Jayven is the first Singaporean to buy a yearling at NZ$1 million and sold it off as a stallion at NZ$4 million.

Vanilla Luxury: How can one become a part of ULTIMA?

Dato’ Dr. Nicholas Ho: Individuals can choose to co-own the stable of horses with ULTIMA or to gain sole ownership of horses where our team will provide professional advice on which horse to pick.

Vanilla Luxury: What are the benefits of joining ULTIMA?

Dato’ Dr. Nicholas Ho: There are many who own millions, but there are far few who can claim ownership to a champion racehorse. It is the exclusive invites to international racing events and loyalty program with luxury brands that really bring us together. The added benefits are the returns through the buying and selling of horses, prizemoney through racing and breeding fees.