Ultima Racing Stable
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ULTIMA is a prestigious thoroughbred management company that offers horse co-owners an exclusive and greater luxury lifestyle experience within the world of horse racing.
Horse co-owners will receive the exclusive opportunity to buy, trade and breed thoroughbred assets and receive advisory and guidance on horse racing and buying from the highly experienced and professional team.
Not only will our horse co-owners have access to Asia’s prominent horse racing events and the honour to race in ULTIMA’s jockey colours, you will also be able to expand your network and establish connections with key business leaders from various industries.
You will enter the heights of unparalleled grandeur where business meets lifestyle for the world’s 1% living in the Asia Pacific and immersed in the “Sport of Kings” that involves the finest thoroughbreds or purebred horses in the world. The experience of the growth and glory of all our horses will be yours and our co-owners to keep. You and your love ones will also share the same passion in horse ownership and honour tradition, camaraderie and sportsmanship together with us.